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Apr 24/ 2020​​* * *ATTENTION* * *

Due to COVID-19 there are not enough flights at the moment and all international air shipments are on a waiting list. ( We don't know how long it is going to take until the flights restart ). I keep accepting orders however the shipping process will start when the flights are back. If you are not in hurry and it's ok with you I will ship your order then. Some European countries temporarily suspended the acceptance of international mail items. Please check with your local post office before placing an order. ( Any express shipping services are not available at the moment) Thank you everyone for visiting my shop and considering shopping at this difficult times.

世の中がこのような状況の中、​Maika Handworksのような小さなビジネスをサポートしてくださる皆様に心から感謝いたします。国内への発送は通常通り行っておりますが、タイからの郵送が一時的にできなくなってしまっているため、次回の入荷予定は未定となっております。オンラインショップは今現在、在庫のあるもののみとなりますのでご了承くださいませ。

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