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- Material: Gauze Cotton 100%

- Color : Indigo ( Natural dye)


Bust : Approx. 120cm / 47 "


- About Natural Indigo dye.

Natural Dyed Indigo has a certain depth of color and reflects light in a way that is very different from chemical dyes. It may have uneven fabric dye. It is considered as the original taste of hand works. Please note each piece can be slightly different from picture. 


- Care: Hand wash in cold water , hang to dry in the shade.
Natural dyes are sensitive to sunlight exposure over prolonged periods of time.
Please avoid deodorants with baking soda and use a pH neutral detergent.


- 藍染めのお洗濯:冷水で手洗いし、陰干ししてください。天然染料は長時間の直射日光に敏感ですのでご注意ください。重曹入りの制汗剤やアルカリ性の洗剤は避け、中性の洗剤をご使用ください。



Usually delivers in :

About 3 to 5 days ( Domestic : Japan )

About 10 to 20 days to US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Asia ( except Japan ).

In very few occasions it takes longer.


For those who order before going on vacation please place an order with extra time and make sure some one stay at home to receive the package in case of shipping delay .

Please read the * Customer Care * before placing an order. Through the purchase of this item you are acknowledging that you have read and accept all Maika Handworks' policies. Thank you.


Double Gauze Cotton Momo Tops / Indigo

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