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Material : 100% Cotton

Size: Approx. 76cm x 200cm /  30 inches x 79 inches


- Handspun cotton.


- Handwoven.


- Natural Indigo dye.

- Care: Hand wash in cold water , hang to dry in the shadow or Dry Cleaning.


* * * Please note this textile has a few loosewoven parts on the edge. ( You can see on the third picture on the right side. ) The handworks cannot be always perfect.  Maika Handworks considers this as a unique and special of the handworks.* * *

***  About Natural Indigo dye ***

Natural dyed indigo has a certain depth of color and reflects light in a way that is very different from chemical indigo dyes.

* * * * *
Many women are still making a living from weaving in Laos.  A tresure from Ban Lahanam in Laos. Simply beautiful! This one is my first * all in love item * in my last trip to Laos.  The light and gentle indigo tone will be a perfect accent of the room.
It can be a beautiful sofa or bed throw, wall hanging in your room. You can also use as a showl. 


Please read the *Customer Care * before your purchase. Through the purchase of this item you are acknowledging that you have read and accept all Maika Handworks' policies. Thank you*

Handwoven Natural Indigo Ikat Sofa Throw

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