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Material: 98 %Cotton, 2% Nylon. Natural Indigo.

Dimension: Approx: 120cm x 180 cm/ 47 inches x 71 inches

Care: Hand wash in cold water, hang to dry in the shadow.

☽☽ About Natural Indigo dye ☾☾

Natural dyed indigo has a certain depth of color and reflects light in a way that is very different from chemical indigo dyes. It make the fabric much stronger as well.

☽☽☽ Story ☾☾☾
I usually use only 100% cotton material however this time I used a cotton mixed fabric to have some pretty white line in the scarf. The natural Indigo can dye only 100% natural fabric therefore, 2% of nylon thread stayed as a white color and the rest came out beautiful Indigo color ! Still very nice smell of indigo❤ Hand dyed with love.

☽☽☽ SHIPPING ☾☾☾
Usually delivers in 10-20 BUSINESS days . In very few occasions it takes longer.
For those who order before going on vacation please place an order at least a month before you leave.


Indigo Hand Dyed Summer Scarf

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