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✴ Material: 100% Cotton ( Double cotton ) , Natural Indigo.

*** 100% Natural indigo hand dyed ***

✴ Size: One size.

Length: Approx: 135cm / 53 inches
Bust: Approx: 137 cm/ 54 inches
Side Slit: Approx 38 cm / 11 inches

Model height : 165 cm / 64 inches

✴ Care: Hand wash separately in cold water , hang to dry in the shadow.

☽☽ About Natural Indigo dye ☾☾

Natural dyed indigo has a certain depth of color and reflects light in a way that is very different from chemical indigo dyes. It make the fabric much stronger as well.
This item was hand dyed by Thai artist Kem with much love ❤

***Please note that this item is hand dyed and it has a unique color tone on purpose. It is by design. Each piece is slightly different from the one in the picture. ***

❤ ❤ ❤

Using fine 100% Thai cotton. ( Double cotton ) It is very comfortable and soft touch to your skin. Perfect as a beach cover up Kaftan.

❍❍❍ About Maika's Kimono series ❍❍❍

I used to love wearing summer kimono (Yukata) when I was a little girl. I could only wear it for special occasions like summer festivals (Matsuri). This item is totally inspired by my sweet childhood memories.


Indigo Kaftan Dress

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