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Material: Rudraksha seads, Rose wood, Bone beads.

✴ Size: Unisex size ( Adjustable )

Bracelet Diameter: 7cm / 2.75 inches
Rudraksha seads diameter: 1.8cm / 0.7 inches

☽☽☽ About Rudraksha ☾☾☾
Rudraksha is considered to be a spiritual bead. Used since ancient time for increasing the spiritual power, self confidence, courage and for building a positive attitude in multidiscipline area. As per the ancient Indian scripture like Purana, it is well known that Each Rudraksha is linked with Particular deity. This Positive Power in terms of Deva or Devi always protects the wearer from Negative Powers and enmity and provides a powerful shield against all negativities.

This beautiful large Rudraksha beads bracelet is made by Thai artist Pim.
She meditate everyday and making these prayer's jewelries.
Each Rudraksha beads size is about 1.8cm.

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Rudraksha Mala Bracelet with Rose Wood

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