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- Material: 14K Gold filled, White Chalcedony, Turquoise

- Hoop Diamater : Approx. 2cm/0.8" 

- Each stone is selected with care and earrings are made by me with love. 

- All natural stones have been purified by Mexican Copal and charged by the full moon. May the healing power of each natural stone reach those who wear this piece! 

*Power of healing stones*

- White Chalcedony
Balancing your body and mind. It will bring your energy back to its original peaceful state. It will increase love luck and human relationships. 

It has a calming, grounding energy. It is said to connect heaven and earth and help you connect to the spiritual world. 

* * * Eco Wrapping * * *
Maika Handworks is not using any plastics or papers for the wrapping. Instead using a tiny cotton bags.

パーツは全て14kゴールドフィルドを使用しております。 天然石は全てメキシコ産のコパルで浄化後、満月チャージ済み。一つ一つの天然石のヒーリングパワーがこの一点を着けてくださる方に届きますように♪



Please read the * Customer Care * before place an order. Through the purchase of this item you are acknowledging that you have read and accept all Maika Handworks' policies. Thank you.

White Chalcedony & Turquoise Hoop Earrings

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